Standardized Test Scores

ACT Aspire test scores from the 2015/16 school year for OLPS 4th through 6th graders.
The National Percentile Scores* for our school are as follows:

ACT Aspire Scores per Grade Level:

Third Grade:

English 69; Math 59; Reading 62; Science 64; Writing 69

Fourth Grade:

English 78; Math 65; Reading 64; Science 66; Writing 66

Fifth Grade:

English 68; Math 32; Reading 49; Science 62; Writing 57

Sixth Grade:

English 72; Math 63; Reading 62; Science 64; Writing 32
*A National Percentile Score means that our students - per grade level - scored as well as or better than the percentage of students on their grade level nationwide who took the same test. (i.e. Gr. 3 - English 69: this means that 68% of the 3rd graders nationwide who took the same test scored below our 3rd graders.)

One of our academic initiatives this year is to practice timed writings to get our students used to this format. We are also placing greater emphasis on memorizing math facts (+, -, /, X). You can help us accomplish this by practicing math facts with your children and encouraging them to use their Mathletics account.


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