Religion: Children develop into young Christians through Catholic prayers, Bible stories, and other religious activities.

Reading: Children are exposed to letter names and sounds. They learn to recognize, spell and write first name.  They retell, draw pictures, answer questions, and dictate sentences about stories and experiences.  They build vocabulary and listening skills and strengthen visual discrimination.  They develop fine motor skills using play dough, scissors, writing materials, Lego blocks, etc.

Math: Children learn to recognize the numbers 1 - 10. They learn to count and sort using manipulatives. Students develop other concepts such as same and different, shapes, patterns, and size.

Science: Children engage in experiences involving exploration, discovery, observation, and experimentation such as:  measuring and mixing in cooking activities; exploring with the five senses; observing weather and plant life; and investigating animals and their habitats.

Creative Arts: Children explore a variety of art processes, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, etc.  They use materials such as crayons, chalk, clay, markers, etc.  They participate in movement songs and dances.  They learn about rhythm and use a variety of musical instruments.

Social Skills: Children practice problem-solving skills in social situations.  They practice using manners, sharing, working in groups, communicating needs, and taking care of own basic needs.  They learn to state their first and last name, age, school name, city, state, and country.  They participate in projects to help others in need, such as Toys for Tots.

Music: Students learn simple sing-a-long songs and nursery rhymes set to music. They also play simple percussion instruments.

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