Religion: Students develop into young Christians through Catholic prayers, Bible stories, and other religious activities.

Reading: Students learn reading readiness skills. Students are introduced to the alphabet and letter sounds through the Jill Coudron Alphabet Puppet Series. Students develop listening skills through exposure to oral reading. They learn a different letter each week. All curriculum activities for the week are centered on that alphabet letter.

Math: Children learn to recognize the numbers 1 - 10. They learn to count using manipulatives, the calendar, etc. Students develop other concepts such as same and different, shapes, patterns, and size.

Science: Students engage in experiences which arouse exploration, discovery, observation, and experimentation through various science activities.

Spelling: Students learn to recognize and spell their names.

Handwriting: Students use markers and crayons for handwriting activities that develop their fine motor skills.

Physical Education: Students learn locomotor movements such as galloping, hopping on both feet, marching, crawling, and flying. Game skills that are learned are catching, bouncing, kicking, and volleying various types of balls. Low organizational games learned are Hot Potato and Duck, Duck, Goose.

Library: The students visit the library weekly to understand the role of the library. They learn the enjoyment of books through story telling and oral reading.

Music: Students learn simple sing-a-long songs and nursery rhymes set to music. They also play simple percussion instruments.

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