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We believe that the ideal goal of each human being’s growth is to become as perfect a person as his native potential allows.  This includes the maximum development of his spiritual, intellectual, moral, psychological, physical, aesthetic and social capacity, so that his total personhood is encompassed in his growth as a unique human being.  

We believe that our primary goal is to help each individual to freely choose his value system with knowledge and inner conviction, so that these values, enhanced by positive Christian attitudes, will help him to determine his principles of conduct in order to live a good Christian life on this earth and to enjoy God’s presence for all eternity. 

Spiritual Goals and Objectives 

Goal:   To encourage our students to develop a relationship with God, to love and respect one another, and to recognize their Catholic Christian values, as well as their dignity, uniqueness, and potential within the church community. 


  • To provide opportunities for our students’ spiritual formation through prayer, liturgies, integrated religious instruction, and Christian service.
  • To model courtesy, generosity, sharing, and love through mutual respect and acceptance of others.
  • To direct our students to accept the consequences of their own moral decisions.
  • To model reverence at prayer time so that our students can concentrate during their communication time with God.

Academic Goals and Objectives 

Goal:  To challenge each student to grow according to his/her intellectual ability, to inspire a self-motivated desire for knowledge, and to provide students with the necessary academic skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 


  • To teach each child to develop analytical thinking and reasoning processes, while encouraging creativity and communicative skills.
  • To provide opportunities for all students to grow intellectually according to their individual capabilities.
  • To utilize a variety of teaching styles such as learning cooperatively, hands-on activities, group projects and independent work to provide many opportunities for success. 
  • To use methods of instruction that will motivate students to acquire basic skills needed to read, communicate, compute, study, think critically and solve problems. 
  • To provide positive reinforcement to encourage achievement. 
  • To assign age-appropriate homework to reinforce skills taught in class. 
  • To develop basic writing skills for effective communication.
  • To maintain communication with parents regarding the development of the child.

Physical Goals and Objectives

Goal:  To develop basic principles of health, physical fitness, nutrition, safety and good sportsmanship within the curricular programs.  We encourage a sense of responsibility, self-worth, and self-assurance.


  • To provide a well-planned and organized physical education program so that all students can participate in a variety of physical activities.
  • To contribute to each child’s well-being by offering a hot lunch program, regular screenings in vision, hearing and scoliosis, and to encourage good hygiene, personal care and proper nutrition.
  • To offer a variety of extra-curricular sports and activities.
  • To teach the value of responsibility and team spirit through good sportsmanship, and to foster desirable social and emotional behavior in athletic events and recreational activities.

Social Goals and Objectives

Goal:  To help each student experience school as a supportive Catholic community where all will accept, love, and interact in a Christian manner.  We strive to develop the student’s self-esteem and respect, emphasizing the self-worth and uniqueness of each individual.  We work together to foster acceptance of everyone, regardless of differences in personality, appearance, ability, and ethnic background.  We encourage the students to appreciate friendships, to cooperate with others and to be integral members of their homes, parishes, and communities. 


  • To encourage students to develop a respect for each other in their interpersonal relationships.
  • To encourage leadership skills, responsibilities, and Christian service through participating in school, parish, and community activities.
  • To lead students to be responsible and capable citizens of the community.
  • To encourage the use of good manners in their everyday lives, always striving to project a Christ-like demeanor.

Psychological Goals and Objectives

Goal:  To create a nurturing environment in which each child is recognized as a unique individual, with strengths, talents, and limitations – a gift of God. 


  • To encourage students to express ideas, thoughts, and opinions in an open and honest manner.
  • To provide varied means of expression through art, music, creative writing, and discussion.
  • To present a sequentially developed program in language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics that will prepare students for higher learning.


High Christian Standards Academic Leadership/Achievement Low Student/Teacher Ratio Certified Teachers

Accredited by: Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Under the Supervision of: The Office of Catholic Schools of the  Diocese of Alexandria

Proud Member of the  National Catholic Education Association


Diocese of Alexandria

National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)


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