Religion: Students learn basic Catholic prayers. Students listen to Old and New Testament stories in sequential order. Students become aware of God and his presence in all people.

Reading/Language Arts: Through the use of the Harcourt's Story Town, a comprehensive language program, students learn the reading readiness and phonetic skills necessary to decode words. They read pre-primer readers independently. They recognize the sequence of a story, the cause and effect of events, and the main idea of a story. Students identify naming words, action words, describing words, and complete sentences. Students learn to sound out and write simple words. Students use word families to spell simple words. Phonetic spelling is used by students in labeling as well as creative writing.

Math: Through the use of HBJ's The Solution for Success, students recognize and write numbers 1-100. Through the use of manipulatives students learn the value of numbers, the concepts of addition, subtraction, patterns, and sets. They identify coins and tell time to the hour.

Science: Through language arts and center activities students are introduced to the following thematic units: the ocean, the body, health, nutrition, dinosaurs, seasons, planets, insects, plants, amphibians, and reptiles.

Social Studies: Through language arts and center activities students are introduced to the following thematic units: Columbus, Native American Indians, Pilgrims, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and American symbols.

Handwriting: Students learn the correct formation of the upper and lower case manuscript letters using the Zaner Bloser method. Emphasis is placed on correct pencil grip, posture, and paper position. Students learn to write from left to right and to space letters and words.

Physical Education: Students learn locomotor movements such as galloping, hopping on one foot and two feet, and skipping. Non-locomotor movements learned are reaching for the stars, swaying, pulling and pushing. Game skills learned are kicking, catching and rolling the nerf ball to a kicker. Low organizational games played are Hot Potato, Duck, Duck, Goose, and Mr. Fox. They jump long and single ropes.

Art: Students create art based on their personal experiences as well as imagination and begin to name visual elements such as color, texture, and shape.

Library:The students visit the library weekly to understand the role of the library. Children learn the proper handling and care of books. They listen to stories and books.

Music: Students learn simple sing-a-long songs and nursery rhymes set to music. They also play simple percussion instruments.

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