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The OLPS athletic programs are designed for those students attending Our Lady of Prompt Succor School.  The objective is to develop its participants both physically and mentally through sports.  They are designed to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie through competition as well as general knowledge and skills in the sport they are participating.  It is also designed to teach students discipline and time management in the balancing of sports and studies.  Winning is a secondary objective. 

The OLPS Athletic Director and Coaches are responsible for the care and well being of the student athletes.  They are selected on a volunteer basis and are expected to be a Christian role model for students. 

2017-2018 OLPS Athletic Director

Robert Tassin 318-542-5880

OLPS Sports Guidelines 

OLPS Academic Eligibility Form

  1.  All coaches and assistant coaches are required to have a background check and be Virtus certified.  They are required to maintain that certification as long as they participate in OLPS activities. 
  2. All waiver forms and fees (registration & uniform deposits) must be turned in to the school prior to the first game.  Any student athlete that fails to turn in their waiver prior to the first game will be ineligible. 
  3. Rosters shall be turned in to the Athletic Director and OLPS School no later than one week after the season begins.  Once a roster is submitted it is then frozen and a new player may not be added unless the team falls in jeopardy of eligibility within their league. 
  4. A copy of the schedule should be sent to OLPS School prior to the first game for approval.
  5. Once schedules are made, they are not to be changed.  In rare situations, if a change needs to be made, administrative approval is required.
  6. Contact (defined as practice or game) shall be limited to 3 per week.  For example, 2 practices and 1 game or 2 games and 1 practice shall constitute 3 contacts for a week.  No games or practices shall be scheduled on Wednesdays.
  7. To participate, students must maintain a C average in each major subject and have an A or B in conductStudents who are absent from school shall NOT be allowed to participate in practice or play in a game on the day they are absent.

     See entire Academic Eligibility Policy Here

  1. Each team member will participate in every game unless specified by their parent, missing practices without an excuse (coaches discretion), or fails to comply with the above guideline. 
  2. All coaches are responsible for maintaining equipment and uniforms for their respective sport.  Upon completion of their season, coaches are responsible for collecting and returning all equipment and uniforms belonging to OLPS School.
  3. Coaches will be responsible for their respective leagues.  Any financial obligations, such as failing to work a gate, will be theirs to meet.
  4. A parents meeting shall be held by the coach prior to the tryout of the perspective sport.  This parents meeting will be mandatory and should be attended by any parent interested in their child participating in that sport.  Any parent that can’t attend must receive prior approval from either the athletic director or coach. 





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