6th Grade

Religion: The basal used is Sadlier. Students learn the stories of the Old Testament and why they are significant to us today. They study the prophets and their teachings. They also study the life of Jesus and the early church.

Reading/Literature/Language Arts: The basal used is Harcourt's Story Town. Students learn about different types of literature through stories that are organized by genre. Students discuss stories orally using a reading guide that provides background information to aid comprehension. Each week they write and define vocabulary words, and they answer comprehension questions based on readers' response, analyzing literature, or critical thinking. Additionally, students participate in the study of classic novels. Students continue to learn about the eight parts of speech, sentence formation, and basic writing techniques. Students learn to punctuate sentences and correct capitalization and spelling errors. They also write and learn about different forms of poetry and compete in essay contests. Students outline their ideas, write rough drafts, and proofread essays. Students are introduced to a new set of spelling words each week. They learn to spell these words and use them in sentences. Additionally, students work from a "vocabulary" workbook, learning the definitions and the usage of advanced vocabulary words to challenge them and increase their knowledge of words. Each student participates in the Accelerated Reader program.

Math: The basal used HBJ's Solutions for Success. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are encouraged as students experience success in problem solving, applying basic operations skills, understanding fractions, and exploring geometry. Students are guided to understand concepts on concrete and abstract levels. Manipulatives and technology are incorporated to assure mastery of skills. Students develop higher order thinking skills and deductive reasoning skills. They continue to grow in an understanding of pre-algebra concepts. Students compete in Math Fax, Rally, and Math Counts. Accelerated Math is used for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Science: The basal is MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science. Students learn concepts related to the dangers to the Louisiana coast and the efforts to save it, organisms and environments, organization of living things, the sky, earth, interactions of matter and energy, motion, work, and machines.

Social Studies: The basal used is Scott Foresman Social Studies. Students learn about ancient world civilizations. They study the geography, the culture, and the success of many famous civilizations. Class projects are assigned twice a year. Projects may include an Egyptian play, designing a postcard from ancient Rome, or creating a report on the first Olympics.

Physical Education: Students use the game skills in football (boys), kick ball, basketball, bounce ball, and wiffle ball. Emphasis is on participation and good sportsmanship. They participate in aerobics and the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

Art: Looking at art continues to be an integral part of the total process of learning about art. Students study the artistry involved in painting, sculpture, crafts, and architecture. They learn to incorporate the principles of design in their 2-D and 3-D artwork.

Library: Students are introduced to materials used for reference work. They learn how to write a bibliography. They learn about the Newberry Awards and are encouraged to read award winning materials.

Computer: Students continue to learn more advanced Word functions, such as columns, drop caps (making a newsletter), symbols, tables, etc. Students also learn more advanced features in Excel. Keyboarding skills are mastered. Students learn to make PowerPoint presentations, including animation features, timing, transitions, backgrounds, etc.

Music: Students sing, play percussion instruments, and listen to old and new sacred, folk, patriotic, and popular music. Students learn listening as a prerequisite to performing. They learn the basics of reading music.

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