5th Grade

Religion: The basal used is Sadlier. Students study each of the seven sacraments in detail. They also focus on the parts of the Mass and the seasons of the liturgical year. Students keep a prayer journal and participate in weekly scripture studies.

Reading/Language Arts: The basal used is Harcourt's Story Town. To promote comprehension, students participate in weekly skill lessons which cover sequence, character, generalizing, or author's purpose. Students write and define vocabulary words and complete comprehension questions. Students understand the structure of a sentence and identify the eight parts of speech. Students learn and apply basic grammar skills. Students become more efficient writers by using a variety of formats. Students learn weekly spelling words. These are grouped by spelling rules and letter patterns. Students also learn vocabulary words and commonly misspelled words. Additionally, students work from a "vocabulary" workbook, learning the definitions and the usage of advanced vocabulary words to challenge them and increase their knowledge of words. Each student participates in the Accelerated Reader program.

Math: The basal used is HBJ's Solutions for Success. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are encouraged as students experience success in problem solving, applying basic operations skills, understanding fractions, and exploring geometry. Students are guided to understand concepts on concrete and abstract levels. Manipulatives and technology are incorporated to assure mastery of skills. Students gain competency in solving multi-step problems and continue increasing their algebraic thinking skills. They participate in Rally and Math Counts. Accelerated Math is used for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Science: The basal is MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science. Students learn concepts related to characteristics of living things, living things and their environments, earth and its resources, astronomy, weather, climate, properties of matter and energy, motion and energy.

Social Studies: The basal used is Scott Foresman Social Studies. Students study United States history, government, and geography. Reading maps and charts are emphasized. Students develop research skills by completing projects on their family history and different states. Understanding and application of Social Studies concepts is stressed.

Physical Education: Students improve their game skills in kick ball and bounce ball. They improve their basketball skills by using drills and playing simple games. They improve their hand-eye coordination by using scoops and balls. They participate in aerobics and the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

Art: Students make sketches to develop ideas. Through problem solving, students develop skills in choosing and using media. Multi-step techniques are introduced in 2-D and 3-D media.

Library: Students learn more advanced uses of the computerized card catalogue and increase their knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System. They are introduced to the use of the dictionary. They develop a growing pattern of reading interests (biographies, poetry, craft books, the fine arts, etc.)

Computer: Students learn more advanced functions, such as inserting pictures, creating Word Art, borders, etc. Keyboarding skills are reinforced. Students learn to create and manipulate simple spreadsheets. Students learn more advanced Internet research skills. Students are responsible for knowing computer vocabulary.

Music: Students sing, play percussion instruments, and listen to old and new sacred, folk, patriotic, and popular music. Students learn listening as a prerequisite to performing. They learn the basics of reading music.

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