4th Grade

Religion: Our primary basal is Sadlier. Students learn about the sacraments, commandments, saints, and seasons of the church year. Through biblical references, students become familiar with the Bible.

Reading: Our primary basal is Harcourt's Story Town, a comprehensive language program. Students attain comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills through a wide range of literary genre with an emphasis on writing and phonics. Students learn grammar fundamentals and mechanics of the English language with a strong emphasis on listening and writing skills. Students write and define 30 vocabulary words each week. Additionally, students work from a "vocabulary" workbook, learning the definitions and the usage of advanced vocabulary words to challenge them and increase their knowledge of words. Accelerated Math is used for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Math: Our primary basal is HBJ's Solutions for Success. Students work towards proficiency in computational, conceptual, and problem-solving skills. Students understand concepts through the aid of concrete and pictorial models. Accelerated Math is used to practice and reinforce the math skills that the students have learned.

Science: The basal is MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science. Students learn concepts related to animals, earth and beyond, water and weather, matter, and energy.

Social Studies: Our primary basal is Scott Foresman Social Studies. Students learn about the United States and its five regions. They learn about each region's environment, people, heritage, and global connection. Students practice map skills.

Handwriting: Students make the conversion to full-time cursive writing.

Physical Education: Students play kick ball outdoors. They learn basic basketball skills: sprints, dribbling, passing, and shooting. They participate in aerobics and the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

Art: Students create more complex works of art and give greater attention to their expressive intentions. Careful instruction and use of media is emphasized to build skills and flexibility in creating expressive 2-D and 3 D art.

Library: Students develop an appreciation of good literature. They learn to use the computerized card catalogue. Students are introduced to the Dewey Decimal System of Classification.

Computer: Students are required to independently save work to a floppy disk and use network features to print to a designated printer and open saved work. Keyboarding skills are reinforced. Students learn intermediate functions in Word, Excel, and KidPix, including slideshows. Use of a scanner is introduced.

Music: Students sing, play percussion instruments, and listen to old and new sacred, folk, patriotic, and popular music. Students learn listening as a prerequisite to performing. They learn the basics of reading music.

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