3rd Grade

Religion: Our primary basal is Sadlier. With it the students learn about the church. They learn that Jesus gave us the church and the sacraments. They also learn about the church year, prayers, and how the church continues to grow. The students learn to apply this to their daily lives.

Reading/Language Arts: Our primary basal is Harcourt's Story Town, a comprehensive language program. The students are introduced to real literature written by outstanding authors. They learn new skills and expand their vocabulary through various activities all designed to make the students better readers. Students learn punctuation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, capitalization, and sentence structure. Students develop and expand their creative writing skills. They work spelling exercises each day applicable to the week's words. Students use the Accelerated Reader program to develop a love of reading.

Math: Our primary basal is HBJ's Solutions for Success. Students review basic addition and subtraction facts, money, time, word problems, and measurement. Students are introduced to geometry, multiplication and division. Students master multiplication facts through twelve. Accelerated Math is used for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Science: The basal is MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science. Students learn concepts related to plants, animals, our earth, cycles on earth and in space, forces and motion, matter and energy.

Social Studies: Our primary basal is Scott Foresman Social Studies. Students learn concepts related to the community. Students also review map reading skills.

Handwriting: Students learn cursive letter forms that are simplified without the fancy loops using the Zaner Bloser method

Phonics: Through the use of Harcourt's Story Town students learn more about consonants, long and short vowels, compounds, blends, digraphs, suffixes, and dictionary skills.

Physical Education: Students continue jumping rope, playing kick ball, and playing Red, White, and Blue. They learn the importance of playing a life-time sport such as tennis. They learn the forward and backhand. They volley against the wall and with a partner. They learn the Virginia Reel and the Bunny Hop.

Art: Students continue to create art based on imagination, recall, and observation. They learn to portray details and depict action. Activities develop flexibility and problem-solving skills in 2-D and 3-D media and art forms.

Library: Students learn to use the parts of a book. They discover the arrangement of books in the library, where books are located, and the meaning of each class (fiction, nonfiction, easy, etc.) Students select books based on reading level and reading interest. They learn different types of literature such as fairy tales, poetry, fantasy, etc.

Computer: Students begin learning basic Internet skills, such as search engines, links, etc. Keyboarding practice is continued with more emphasis on correct finger positions. Students use basic functions in KidPix and Microsoft Office to integrate technology with classroom activities and assignments.

Music: Students learn the weekly Mass songs and patriotic songs. They also play simple percussion instruments.

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