2nd Grade

Religion: The basal is Sadlier. Students prepare for the sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation and the Eucharist. They learn all the sacraments and the seasons of the Church Year.

Reading/Language Arts: The basal is Harcourt's Story Town, a comprehensive language program. Students attain reading skills such as predicting, character, author's purpose, setting, drawing conclusions, compare and contrast, sequence of events, graphic sources, cause and effect, context clues, and summarizing. Students learn the mechanics and application of grammar skills. They learn to write paragraphs such as a personal narrative, a description, an explanation, etc. Students learn to spell words in units based on how the words sound. Students use the Accelerated Reader program to develop a love of reading.

Math: The basal is HBJ's Solutions for Success. Students learn regrouping/renaming, simple fractions, time, money, graphs, place value to 100, geometry, and measurement. Accelerated Math is used for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Science: The basal is MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science. Students learn concepts related to plants, animals, earth, the sun and its family, matter and energy, motion.

Social Studies: The basal is Scott Foresman Social Studies. Students learn map skills and concepts about our government and economics. They also learn the 50 states and their capitals.

Handwriting: Using the Zaner Bloser method, students practice manuscript writing stressing size, shape, slant, and spacing of letters.

Phonics: Using Harcourt's Story Town, students learn initial, medial, and final consonants, short and long vowels, digraphs, hard and soft c and g, r-controlled vowels, and diphthongs.

Physical Education: Students are tested in locomotor movements. They continue playing kick ball. They learn two new low organizational games: Dodge Ball and Red, White, and Blue.

Art: Students learn to make intentional choices of lines, colors, and other visual elements. They use familiar media in new ways and combinations to create two- and three- (weaving) dimensional art.

Library: Students review and expand upon skills previously taught: checking books in and out, care of books, selecting suitable books. They will learn the location of certain books. They will learn the parts of a book.

Computer: Students learn more advanced computer functions, such as home row keys, correct typing hand positions, saving to a floppy disk, and printing. Students use KidPix and Microsoft Word to create documents and graphics integrating technology with their other subjects. Students use more educational software.

Music: Students learn the weekly Mass songs and patriotic songs. They also play simple percussion instruments.

Spanish: Spanish is offered as an enhancement course once a week.

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