1st Grade

Religion: The new Sadlier series is used to nurture each student's relationship with Jesus, and to facilitate each child's faith response. Students learn the truths found in sacred scripture and tradition, and in accordance with the magisterium of the church.

Reading/Language Arts: Through the use of the Harcourt's Story Town, a comprehensive language program, students learn comprehension skills including context skills and classifying; phonics skills including vowels, consonant blends, and others necessary for decoding. Students learn types of sentences, grammar, and the writing process. Students learn word families, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, and spelling patterns. Students use the Accelerated Reader program to develop a love of reading.

Math: Through the use of HBJ's Solutions for Success, students learn basic math concepts, computation skills, and problem solving strategies. Accelerated Math is implemented the second semester for practice and reinforcement of the math skills that the students have learned.

Handwriting: Through the use of the Zaner-Bloser Series, students learn the step-by-step process for correct manuscript letter formation.

Physical Education: Students use the game skills in kick ball. They continue jumping rope. They play Duck, Duck, Goose, and Mr. Fox. Folk dances learned are Hokey Pokey, Bingo, and La Raspa. Students review the locomotor movements and are tested.

Art: Students acquire basic skills in using media for drawing, water coloring, tempera painting, collage, and printmaking.

Library: Students learn to select age appropriate books and to share books with others. They review the care of books, particularly the proper handling of books. With direction and practice, they check books in and out correctly.

Computer: Students learn basic computer functions, such as using the mouse, basic keyboarding, printing, etc. Students' reading and math skills are reinforced through the use of subject-specific software.

Music: Students learn the weekly Mass songs and patriotic songs. They also play simple percussion instruments.

Spanish: Spanish is offered as an enhancement course once a week.

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